Tyranny of Dragons

The Council of Waterdeep

Third Session

Flamerule 11th
Halethan’s words have caused much controversy between Himo and Nemeya – the druid seems to agree that the effects on nature might be too great to predict, while Nemeya basically doesn’t care at all.
The option has risen that Himo might use his magic to make the existing crops grow faster and be more fruitful, but they couldn’t agree on terms.
Wellby has informed Nemeya that the lady Silverhand has requested you to arrive at your earliest convenience, as she would like to introduce you to an important delegate. You have also received an invitation to the third council of Waterdeep, to take place on Flamerule 30th, and to the celebrations of Midsummer.

Flamerule 29th
You arrived at Waterdeep a little prior to the council meeting to meet lady Silverhand ’s guest: Aethen Broadcloak, an apprentice Red Wizard. He was sent by the Red Wizards of Thay to invite you to Thay, for negotiations regarding the support of the Red Wizards in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon. He claimed the Red Wizards have followed their struggle closely, since the cult has joined forces with rebel Thayan wizards (which he refuses to call Red Wizards). For that reason the Red Wizards have been considering an alliance against the Cult of the Dragon. He has been supplied with a scroll of teleportation to take you to Thay and has promised safe passage there and back, but is waiting final clearance before he can take you there.

Flamerule 30th
The third council of Waterdeep has opened with important news. Maccath the Crimson and Metteo believe they have managed to interpret a part of Alaundo’s 9th Portent. They believe that the “Kingdom of Man” is, in fact, a name that should be taken literally – there was an ancient kingdom called the “Kingdom of Man” which resided no far from where Waterdeep is today, just northeast of Daggerford. If true, then the cult has been hiding the Draakhorn just under the council’s nose.
Since the council’s forces were still gathering after their battle against the orc horde, they requested that you handle this matter personally.

The next order of business was a letter sent to you by Iskander, a cult wizard who wishes to defect. He claims that the blue dragon mask is in Xonthal’s tower, and he is willing to give it to the characters if they come and rescue him.
Thouigh naturally suspicious of traps, the council has decided that an opportunity to get the mask is too valuable to waste, and that you should embark on a journey to Xonthal’s Tower to retrieve it.

Back at your inn, you have decided that you can go to retrieve the Draakhorn first, and then continue on your way to Xonthal’s tower from there.

Eleasis 3rd
You arrived at the ruins of Delimbiyran, former capital of the now forgotten Kingdom of Man. Scouting the outskirts of the overgrown city, you discovered patrols of Dragonborn in the streets. Himo used his magic to locate powerful creatures in the city and felt an ancient presence at the center. He turned himself into animal form and entered the city, avoiding enemy scouts, until he reached an old, gigantic oak tree at the center of the city. The tree is home to a lovely dryad, and her small grove is protected by an ancient, elderly unicorn. They revealed that the Cult of the Dragon have brought a dangerous item to the city, and that yesterday, another creature arrived from the spine of the world, an ancient and powerful being. They also claimed a green dragon is nesting at the observatory on top of the hill on the outskirts of the city.

After Himo’s return, you have decided to deal with the dragon first, to avoid the possibility that it will later join a fight against the Dragonborn.
You circled the city, hiding under the cliff side, and climbed to the observatory, where you found the ancient green dragon Chloracridara. She did not seem interested in the Dragonborn, claiming she hoped they were good for protection, but now that you are here, they have proven useless even in that. She kept changing her position to stand between you something she was clearly protecting, probably her eggs, and so you decided she was not a threat. She even provided you with vital information – the cult kept the Draakhorn in a large, open, stone pavilion not far from the observatory, and that the cult has called upon a mighty half red dragon, half empyrean down from the Spine of the World to blow the horn.

Using the same tactic as before, you climbed the cliffs and found the Draakhorn in the pavilion, surrounded by several magical rune circles. Himo summoned several animals to pass through the runes to determine their effect. Once they passed through the runes, you heard a great roar from elsewhere in the city, and you realized you triggered an alarm spell. With time being a factor, Eltan rushed through the rune circles, hoping – and managing – to avoid their deadly effects. Before you could actually retrieve the horn though, a great earthquake shook the city, toppling the pavilion around you, burying several of you under the ruble, with the others narrowly escaping.
A huge, silvery-red half-dragon landed not far from you, wielding a mighty maul. Battling the beast, you were nearly killed, but eventually managed to defeat him before the Dragonborn arrived, which made battling them much easier using the magic you had left.



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