Miri Backmen

Backmen is a slender, middle-aged elf woman with a human sense of style


Miri Backmen is a middle-aged elven woman with curly blond hair and stylish glasses. She possesses a human sense of style, with tight dresses and flashy colors.


Miri Backmen began writing for the Waterdhavian Gazette durring the Time of Trouble, well over one hundred years ago. She specializes in gossip and keeps close ties with members of the nobility. She has a permanent gossip column in the Waterdhavian Gazette, published daily, though it usually posses nothing more than small talk.

Rumors suggest that she is invited to most major events in Waterdeep, because most nobles fear that she will expose their dirty secrets if they won’t invite her. Be those rumors true or false, Backmen tends to show up in the most unlikely places at the oddest of times.

She is most famous for exposing the Paladinson scandal – the heir to one of the former Open Lord of Waterdeep never consummated his marriage, instead spending his nights with his gay lover. That scandal has ended the rule of house Paladinson, as the heir was refused the title.

Miri Backmen

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