Jelenneth Mostana, Captain

A tall, tanned moon elf with dark hair and an eye-patch.


Captain Jelenneth Mostana is a fancy “privateer.” She has long, dark hair, a blue eye and an eye-patch. She wears long, loose dresses with high boots and wide belts.
Jelenneth doesn’t suffer fools and maintains strict discipline aboard her ship at all times. On her ship, she is the final authority and will have it no other way.


By her colorful style of dress and unusually tanned skin, along with her southern accent, Jelenneth is clearly from Calimshan, though how she ended up in the service of the Arcane Brotherhood is unclear. Her surname, Mostana, is also Calishite in nature, and clearly not of elven origin.

She does not seem to possess loyalties to one of the high captains, and even her allegiance to the Arcane Brotherhood seems to be partial at best, mostly wishing not to make enemies of them.

Despite her “privateering” nature, she seems to deal mostly in trade rather than outright piracy.

Speaking with Stedd over drinks at an inn in Bryn Shander after he heard her humming a lullaby he heard as a child, Jelenneth revealed that she is the former wife of captain Terlon “Two Masts,” who was the pirate captain who captured Stedd as a young child and enslaved him aboard his ship.
She claims that she objected to his enslavement of children, but that under pressure from the high captains, he became a cruel, insufferable man.

She claims that after losing his ship, the high capt—ains wanted him dead, and so he fled Luskan, leaving him with his debts. Except for a single time in Waterdeep when he tried to take money from her, she never saw him again.

She apologized to Stedd for her husband’s actions, but he doubts that is the end of it…

After Stedd caught captain two-masts and hanged him, Jelenneth and he got closer, until he finally asked her to dinner and they ended up spending the night together. The next morning, Stedd found a letter from Jelenneth, claiming they could never find peace together, and saying goodbye.


Jelenneth Mostana, Captain

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