Tyranny of Dragons

Xonthal's Tower Exterior

The Hedge Maze

Eleasis 4th
On the Empyrean’s body you found a Maul of Thunderbolts, but it was far too heavy and large for any of you to handle. You charged Eltan and Himo with delivering the Draakhorn to the council of Waterdeep, and taking the treasure you found back to Waterdeep to start searching for buyers for the hammer.

In the meantime, you started your journey south to the Serpent Hills to continue on your mission to rescue Iskander.

Eleasis 21st
Xonthal’s Tower is located in the middle of a huge, overgrown Hedge Maze. Next to it resides a village by the same name. From a distance, you couldn’t see any way to enter the tower, except for a large balcony protected by some sort of a domed, magical wall.
As you approached Xonthal’s Tower, you suspected that the cult took over the village and decided to stay clear of it, trying to cut your way into the tower. However, no matter how much you seemed to cut your way through, you never seemed to get closer to the tower.
Eventually, you decided to surround the edges of the hedge maze to locate a way in. The only access you found was an opening towards the village, surrounded by a stone wall meant to keep children out. The villagers seemed to fear you, believing you were cultists, and Nemeya tried to use that fear to order one of the villagers to keep watch over your horses as you entered the maze.

Inside, you walked along a single hallway which led to a small room with eight exits. In the middle of it was a sundial standing on a tall stone stand. The shadow from the dial did not seem to correlate to the position of the sun in the sky – which in turn seemed to stand in the wrong place for the hour of the day.
You followed the path pointed to by the shadow, walking down a twisting hallway, until you reached what appeared to be the same room. This time, the sundial pointed onto two different hallways, separated by one hallway. You took the path between the shadows, and eventually reached the same room again. This time, the shadows pointing to three different directions.

Whenever you chose the wrong path, you found yourself in different rooms, meeting strange creatures and solving different puzzles. You encountered a Dao which tried to poison you before attacking, strange living flowers, Gorgons and strange water monsters and participated in a rock throwing contest with cyclopes. Each time you solved a puzzle or defeated a creature, you were rewarded with a gem of some sort, though their exact purpose was unclear to you.

Eventually, you discovered that in order to proceed, you needed to pass through the stone stand, falling down back to the same room, with the sundial showing in all directions, and each path leading out into the tower.
This time, at the top of the stairs leading to the tower, there was a carved door frame in the stone wall of the tower, with two symbols craved on it – a chair and a sand clock.



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