Tyranny of Dragons

When Giants Attack

The Second Crashing of Skyreach

Kythorn 21st
Himo left Soubar, transforming into a giant eagle and flying north to the Glimmerwood. All along the north he could see the devastating destruction left by the orc horde, the huge fires and mounds of dead.

Kythorn 24th
When he reached the Glimmerwood, he talked to the animals of the forest, who led him deep into the forest into a small druid grove centered around a large pond, colorful fireflies filling the air around it and a large willow tree on its bank. The water were crystal clear, reflecting the fireflies like tiny stars filling the pool.
Swimming in the center of the pond he found a beautiful, golden hair druid. As she started to swim ashore, the branches of the willow tree started snaking over the water, covering her skin as she left the water.
She introduced herself as Harellantahlessa, meaning A Strike of Wisdom’s Blade in Elven. He told her he was sent by Halethan Ty’athalae to recruit her to the Circle of the Moon and return her to the Pool of Sacred Moonlight, a sacred place for Sel√Ľne, managing to convince her to come with him.
After performing his druidic rituals at the Glimmerpool, Himo turned to a giant eagle again and flew her to the Pool of Sacred Moonlight.

Kythorn 27th
Himo and Harellantahlessa arrived at the Pool of Sacred Moonlight where Baelfire greeted them, but denied Himo entrance under Halethan’s orders. He called on the older druid, who allowed Himo to enter the pool to perform his sacred rituals.
In the mean time, Halethan talked to Harellantahlessa, walking around the grove.
As the Pool of Sacred Moonlight is in the Feywild, Himo’s several hours there turned into days.

Flamerule 2nd
While Himo was busy, you have returned to Skyreach, where you heard several important news:
The orc horde has finally been defeated and is in full retreat, with the combined armies of the Lords’ Alliance taking heavy casualties.
With the armies occupied elsewhere, the Cult of the Dragon resumed its attacks at full strength, laying waste to entire villages. The reports indicate that the cult covered their attacks with magical fog clouds to mask their numbers, smashing the villages with brute force, not even stealing treasure as they used to.
Miri Backmen of the Waterdhavian Gazette has published an article which accuses Stedd, identified as the Sheriff of Skyreach, of executing Two-Masts without a trial outside his jurisdiction, and blaming Nemeya for allowing her Sheriff to commit such acts. This again raised the idea that Backmen should be dealt with, though Auriak wondered where she got her information.
Wellby passed to you an invitation from lady Silverhand. She requested that you arrive at Waterdeep at your earliest convenience to meet one of her guests.

Flamerule 6th
As Nemeya was getting out of the bath and ccovering herself with her robe, Shaddar was waiting for her, lounging on the couch.
“You are a hard woman to corrupt, my love” was all he had time to say before Nemeya left the room and went to sleep in Arvini’s room.
He disappeared after that.

Flamerule 10th
A shout from the gate guards turned your attention to the gatehouse, where the huge gate was opened to allow in a bloodied rider. Sorgas, bloodied and looking as though half his body has been crushed, collapsed off his horse. As a cloud of fog started to come over Skyreach from the north-east, Sorgas informed you that a pack of giants has come to attack Skyreach.
The attack came from two sides – a pack led by a cloud giant attacking the wall on the north-east side, while a pack of ogres led by a fire giant attacked the front gate.

During the fight, Eltan saw something moving through the fog. Though he could not see what it was, he could clearly see the fog shaping itself around it. He used his magic to remove the protection, revealing a third, invisible group, led by a storm giant, who were flying to the upper courtyard, bypassing the castle’s defenses.
You ran to the upper courtyard to try and stop them, calling upon one of the metallic dragons that is patrolling the area under the terms negotiated by Nemeya at the council of metallic dragons.

In the meantime, Himo returned from the Feywild to find the castle under attack. He landed behind the giants’ forces in the north-east side and attacking their leader. Two frost giants came to the cloud giant’s aid, allowing it to escape towards the castle with its magic as Himo fought them off.

During the fight, the storm giant reactivated the castle’s flying capabilities using the spirit of a genie he brought with him.
In the courtyard, the dragon arrived just in time to intercept the cloud giant who was just about to join the fight.
As the castle began to rise, you destroyed the navigation tower – also known as Nemeya’s private quarters. The collapsing tower fell into the courtyard, nearly crushing you, and the storm giant managed to escape with his magic.

Skyreach crashed back to the ground, though this time the castle barely rose 10 ft. It’s new location is about 7 ft. north-west of where it used to be.

A few minutes after the castle crashed, while you were trying to organize the chaos, two giant birds landed in the middle of the courtyard, immediately turning to Halethan and Harellantahlessa. The druid came to make sure the castle’s second crash did not harm the nature around the castle, and to deliver a warning to the Baroness of Skyreach not to engage in her plan to build an agricultural system complete with dams, which he claims could irreversibly change the natural growth in the area.
Eltan warned him that this was not the best time to deal with such trivial matters, but the druid repeated his warning before leaving.



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