Tyranny of Dragons

The raiders' camp

Entry 6 - Rescuing Leosin Erlanthar

Ches 20th:
Vetter was taken by the keep guards to meet the Castellan Escobert the Red, head of the keep’s defense force. The red haired dwarf could not send soldiers to support the party in defending the chapel, for a group of raiders was spotted going towards the old mill. Should they torch it, the village’s food supply for the winter will be destroyed, and the villagers would starve.

Using a secret tunnel to the river, Vetter led a small company of guards to defend the mill, but discovered it was a trap set by Frulam Mondath, leader of the raiders, to catch the adventurers meddling in her raid. He retreated without a fight, and the mill remained unharmed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party created a formidable defense around Chauntea’s chapel, using traps to limit the raiders’ movements and the chapel’s stone wall as cover. Matteo, still disguised as a cult member, was recruited by the attacking force, joining their other two spellcasters.
The strategy worked well, especially as Matteo attacked from behind and neutralized the enemy casters. Arvini defended the chapel doors with the help of a local archer, one of the village militia, who assisted greatly throughout the attack.

Some raiders, however, managed to surround the chapel and enter through a back door, leading kobolds to loot the chapel, which caused the villagers hiding inside to flee in a panic. Luckily, this was already at the end of the battle outside. The raiders managed to flee with the loot, but no villagers were killed.

After he returned to the keep, Vetter used the secret tunnel to call his allies to join them. When they returned, they were taken to lord Tarbaw Nighthill, who was on top of the wall talking to one of the raiders – the formidable half-dragon Langdadrosa. The beast held the archer’s family hostage and demanded a champion be sent out to meet him in single combat. After agreeing to release the hostages no matter the outcome, Vetter decided to fight the half-dragon. Ascorted by the singing of his ballad, The Courageous Adventure of Vetter the Brave, he went to defeat the half-dragon, but was unfortunately succumbed by his lightning breath. Before he left, Langdedrosa stabbed the fallen ranger through the chest using his huge sword. As the raiders left, Vetter was carried inside and healed to the best of the local priest’s abilities, which were unfortunately lacking.

After a couple of days’ recovery, the party was greeted by a heroes’ welcome. A lone man, a monk named Nesim Waladra, explained to the party that his master, Leosin Erlanthar, is an expert in dragon cults. He arrived at the village to warn it of the attack, but the raiders hit before the militia had time to organize a proper defense. During the chaos of the night’s attack, his master was kidnapped by the raiders and probably taken to their camp. He asks that the party follow the raiders’ trail and rescue his master, as he might shed more light on the cult’s plans.

Ches 22nd:
The party, equipped with the cult uniforms from the night’s raid, followed the trail of kobolds and raiders back to their camp, set in a large hollow surrounded by cliffs. They attempted – with various degrees of success – to keep a low profile as they explored the camp. They found a large cave at the far end in one of the cliffs, not far from what seems to be the command tent and a watchtower (another watchtower was set not far from the entrance to the hollow). Food and supplies were carried into the cave by kobolds and cult members.

A huge caravan of wagons containing the enclosed loot from the cult’s raids is standing along the camp. According to the information the party gathered, the caravan is set up to leave the next morning, along with many of the cult members, while others were traveling north to an unknown location. It seems that Frulam Mondath might be going with the caravan, though it’s unclear if Langdedrosa is leaving as well.

Leosin Erlanthar was found tied to a high pole not far from there, seeming beat up and exhausted. Using Matteo’s magic, the party secretly communicated with him, to find him surprisingly clear minded. No course of action to rescue him has been decided yet.



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