Tyranny of Dragons

The end of the Redbrand threat

Entry 3 - Cragmaw castle

Alturiak 23rd:
Himo and Olive made a deal with townmaster Harbin Wester. He wished to get rid of the adventurers, believing the orcs will kill them when they go after them. He promised payment of 100gp for dealing with the orcs, thinking the promise of payment will convince the party to go after them.

The small orc raiding party was held up at Wyvern’s Tor with substantial defenses. You set up a trap to lure several of the orcs away, then attacked the camp.
The orc leader, returning from the trap, did not attempt to take back the camp. Instead, he took his remaining men and turned east into the mountains.

After not finding the engine in the camp, Olive stealthily stole the goblet from the tent in order to force the party to chase after the orcs. She then planted it on the body of the orc leader after he was defeated, making it seem as though he was carrying it the whole time.

The party learned from the orcs that the goblet was sold to them by a dwarf (not an elf), and that they never saw a device like Olive described.

After returning the goblet to the dragon, the time has come to deal with the Redbrand threat.

Alturiak 25th:
You infiltrated the camp by the secret tunnel and found yourselves attacked by a strange, one eyed humanoid monstrosity. The battle drew several more Redbrand thugs and alerted Glasstaff to your arrival. The wizard took advantage of your distraction to escape the hideout.
After your prisoner was killed by his supposed goblin allies, you cleared the hideout and found Mirna Dendrar and her two young children.

Ches 1st:
After releasing them, the party started tracking Glasstaff into the forest, eventually reaching a ruined castle in the woods. Cragmaw castle, home to the Gragmaw goblin tribe, allies of Glasstaff and the Black Spider.

You thought of a plan to scout the camp – Nemeya, under an illusion of a goblin, went inside. Unable to speak, she raised the suspicion of the clan. She found her way to the room of king Grol, who had two companions with him: Glasstaff and a Drow female.

Grol attacked Nemeya and her illusion broke, starting a battle which called the party to the castle. Soon, the whole castle was brought to the entrance, and a great battle was waged. Nemeya managed to kill king Grol in a dual, while the rest of the party dealt with Glasstaff and the Goblin tribe. The Drow attacked Matteo from the back, felling him towards the end of the battle, and barely managed to escape with her life, using the Drow levitation.
Grol was using the greatsword Gorgun, the Elven Slayer.

In a small room next to Grol’s chamber, the party finally found Gundred Rockseeker, accompanied by a half-elven cleric of Kelemvor, Arvini.
He informed the party that the Black Spider, a Drow wizard, ordered the Cragmaws to ambush him and his brothers to obtain the map leading to the entrance of Wave-Echo cave. The result of the Forge of Spells’ power in the hands of the Drow could be devestating.
It was rumored that the mine was protected by undead guardians created by the human wizards who used to work there, so he hired Arvini to help turn the undead.

While he and Sildar are still injured, they accompanied the party to Wave-Echo cave, making camp outside the mine.



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