Tyranny of Dragons

Phandalin and the surrounding area.

Entry 2 - dealings with a dragon

Alturiak 15th:
Halia Thornton, manager of Phandalin’s Miner’s exchange, revealed that the leader of the Redbrands is a wizard who calls himself Glasstaff. She requested that the party defeat him, but allow his minions to scatter on their own, to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.
She directed the party to Daren Edermath, a retired adventurer, who’s son seem to have knowledge of the Redbrand’s secret base.

On the street, you were attacked by members of the Redbrands. After a difficult fight, which cost you the life of Rolen, you managed to defeat them.

Sister Garaele, the local priest of Tymora and an elf, conducted an elven burial ceremony.
She also had a request of the party – a couple of days north of Phandalin resides the banshee Agatha, and in her possession is a book Garaele wants. She directed you to the Druid Reidoth, who watches over the forest around the ruined town of Thundertree, two days north into the forest.

Edermath claims his son saw the Redbrands coming out of a secret door in the forest, about an hour’s walk north-west of town. However, after your encounter with the Redbrands, you preferred to leave town and lay low.

Alturiak 18th:
You traveled to Thundertree, where Reidoth and his apprentice, Himo, met you on the outskirts of the town. They warned you that a green dragon has taken residence in the ruined tower on the hill. Reidoth sent his apprentice with you to deal with troublesome cultists from the Cult of the Dragon who came to deal with the dragon.

The attempt to deal with them quietly failed and you drew the attention of the green dragon Venomfang. He offered you your life if you would return a goblet stolen from his hoard by an unknown thief, with a strange, alien smell he never smelled before.

Once you returned to Reidoth, he offered the location of Agatha’s lair for your services. His apprentice decided to join you in order to investigate the Cult of the Dragon’s plan.

The Banshee Agatha accepted the gift sister Garaele sent with you in exchange for the book, as well as revealed information about the location of Venomfang’s missing goblet. It seems that a gang of Orcs to the south have the goblet in their possession.

On your way south you stopped at Phandalin. You gave the book – the diary of the Cult of the Dragon party’s leader – to sister Garaele so she could start working on deciphering it and she introduced you to Olive, a gnome from the far off city of Waterdeep, member of the Toymakers guild, who is chasing a thief in possession of a priceless, prototype steam engine of the guild.

By Olive’s description of the thief, you concluded that it might be the same elf impersonator that stole the dragon’s goblet, and so Olive joined you in your quest to track the orcs.



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