Tag: Skyreach


  • Acquiring a Stronghold

    *Kythorn 21st:* After Rezmir's disintegration, you moved to clear the rest of the lower courtyard, but aside from some ogres at the forward guard towers, it was empty. You moved to the upper courtyard through the ice caves and found it to be as foggy as …

  • Halethan Ty'athalae

    Halethan was raised by the druids of the Circle of the Moon in the grove of the Ardeep forest. During his adolescence, Halethan embarked on a spiritual journey of self discovery in the Forlorn Hills and the High Forest, where he met the Arch-Druid …

  • Stor Longsteel

    Stor lived his entire life in Greenest. Married to a local woman and the father of two kids - a boy and a little girl - Stor joined the Greenest militia as a scout and trained as an archer, discovering a rare talent for the skill.