Lord Arthagast Ulbrinter

An old human man with graying hair and a long scar across the lip


An old human with shoulder length gray hair, honey-colored eyes and a scar across the lip.


Lord Arthagast Ulbrinter is a respected lord in Waterdeep. Husband to the lady Remi Haventree of the Harpers, Arthagast leads a coalition of Waterdhavian lords who wish to oppose the Cult of the Dragon.
After hearing of your mission, and your success against the cult, Arthagast petitioned the Lords of Waterdeep to grant one of you the title of Baron and the lands surrounding your newly aquired Skyreach castle.

Lord Arthagast was recently murdered in his mansion in Waterdeep by unknown assailants.
Once it was discovered that he was one of the masked lords of Waterdeep, the city was in outrage over his death, and the opposers to the Cult of the Dragon gained a lot of support, as his wife blamed the cult for his murder.

Lord Arthagast Ulbrinter

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