Iarno Albrek, Glasstaff

Male Human wizard of average hight


Iarno Albrek, known by the nickname Glasstaff, is a former agent of the Lord’s Alliance, sent to investigate Drow activity near Phandalin.

After his arrival at Phandalin, he was approached by Nezznar the Black Sider with a offer. Though the exact details are unclear, the offer seemed to have been good enough to convince Iarno to betray his former masters and ally himself with the Drow wizard.

Anticipating that any intervention to their plans would arrive at Phandalin, Iarno assembled the Redbrands – a gang of arrogant, bloodthirsty bandits – to terrorize the people of Phandalin.
After your successful attack against the Redbrands hideout in the cellars of Phandalin’s mansion, Iarno escaped to the supposed safety of Cragmaw Castle, the surface headquarters of the Black Spider and his Goblin allies.

He was eventually killed after a hard-won battle at Cragmaw castle, in which you also defeated the Cragmaw Goblin tribe, killing their chief and scattering the cowardly Goblins.

Iarno Albrek, Glasstaff

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