Harellantahlessa (A Strike of Wisdom's Blade)

A gorgeous, blonde star elf with a unique bond to plants and the land.


She has long, flowing blond hair and bright blue eyes with grey specs, like craters on the moon.
Her face is delicate and her body slim. She is covered with plants when faced by other humanoids.
A small, slightly glowing, greyish-green star decorates the middle of her forehead.


Like most Ruar-tel-quessir (star elves), she was born in the remote demiplanar realm of Sildëyuir. At a young age she discovered she had a unique ability to communicate with plants as other communicate with people, and she began exploring the vast spaces of the realm, venturing into the Fey Wild.

When her people began returning to Faerun, she was among the first to return, wanting to explore the plant life in Toril. She was the first of the star elf to leave their ancient home in the Yuirwood (except for diplomatic missions), and the first to arrive at the Sword Coast.

Since her arrival, she has been studying under the guidance of the druid circle of the Neverwinter wood, but eventually traveled north, seeking to expand her knowledge of the coasts plant life beyond the forest.

She settled in Glimmerwood, where she spent some time with the Red Tiger Uthgardt tribe.


Harellantahlessa (A Strike of Wisdom's Blade)

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