Baerick Hammerstone

Baerick is a blonde, stout dwarf with sharp facial features


Baerick wears a trimmed, split beard and neck length hair. Like most dwarves, he carries a wide nose, but his black eyes are sunken and his brows are sharp and tall.


Baerick was one of the finest miners clan Battlehammer had, which is why Stokely Silverstream sent him to expand the clan’s mines into the Spine of the World.

While there, Baerick came across the location of the destruction of Cryshal Tirith – a tower of crystal constructed by the evil relic, Crenshinibon. There, he came across what he called the Black Ice – a stone hard, crystal smooth substance, similar in view to obsidian.

He attempted to forge items from this new substance, and found it easy to manipulate and work with. He returned to Kelvin’s Cairn with crates of the substance, and convinced Stokely of its properties.

It was only after Baerick started behaving odd that Stokely decided to stop the production of Black Ice items, but too many items were already in the hands of the dwarves of Kelvin’s Cairn.

Baerick, growing more suspicious, accused Stokely that he wanted the Black Ice for himself. Secretly, he continued producing more items. When Stokely attempted to stop the supply coming in from the Spine of the World, Baerick formed armed gangs to protect the shipments, and prevent supplies from reaching Stokely’s men.

Baerick Hammerstone

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