Lady Lythis Oasrik

A short, slender woman with blond hair and brown eyes.


Lythis is an exceptionally beautiful young woman, with flowing blond hair and light brown eyes.


Human, age 18, lvl 2 Evoker wizard, Betrothed to sir Marcus Wands of Waterdeep.

A brilliant student of the Art, the lady Lythis studied under the finest sages in Waterdeep, until she was sent to Silverymoon to study at the College of Evocation and Creation, the finest institution for Evocation in the Sword Coast.
After graduating summa cum laude two years early, she was called back to Waterdeep to meet her selected betrothed – sir Torlyn Wands, a greatly respected sage of some repute in the city.

Lady Lythis Oasrik

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