Tyranny of Dragons

Xonthal's Tower Exterior
The Hedge Maze

Eleasis 4th
On the Empyrean’s body you found a Maul of Thunderbolts, but it was far too heavy and large for any of you to handle. You charged Eltan and Himo with delivering the Draakhorn to the council of Waterdeep, and taking the treasure you found back to Waterdeep to start searching for buyers for the hammer.

In the meantime, you started your journey south to the Serpent Hills to continue on your mission to rescue Iskander.

Eleasis 21st
Xonthal’s Tower is located in the middle of a huge, overgrown Hedge Maze. Next to it resides a village by the same name. From a distance, you couldn’t see any way to enter the tower, except for a large balcony protected by some sort of a domed, magical wall.
As you approached Xonthal’s Tower, you suspected that the cult took over the village and decided to stay clear of it, trying to cut your way into the tower. However, no matter how much you seemed to cut your way through, you never seemed to get closer to the tower.
Eventually, you decided to surround the edges of the hedge maze to locate a way in. The only access you found was an opening towards the village, surrounded by a stone wall meant to keep children out. The villagers seemed to fear you, believing you were cultists, and Nemeya tried to use that fear to order one of the villagers to keep watch over your horses as you entered the maze.

Inside, you walked along a single hallway which led to a small room with eight exits. In the middle of it was a sundial standing on a tall stone stand. The shadow from the dial did not seem to correlate to the position of the sun in the sky – which in turn seemed to stand in the wrong place for the hour of the day.
You followed the path pointed to by the shadow, walking down a twisting hallway, until you reached what appeared to be the same room. This time, the sundial pointed onto two different hallways, separated by one hallway. You took the path between the shadows, and eventually reached the same room again. This time, the shadows pointing to three different directions.

Whenever you chose the wrong path, you found yourself in different rooms, meeting strange creatures and solving different puzzles. You encountered a Dao which tried to poison you before attacking, strange living flowers, Gorgons and strange water monsters and participated in a rock throwing contest with cyclopes. Each time you solved a puzzle or defeated a creature, you were rewarded with a gem of some sort, though their exact purpose was unclear to you.

Eventually, you discovered that in order to proceed, you needed to pass through the stone stand, falling down back to the same room, with the sundial showing in all directions, and each path leading out into the tower.
This time, at the top of the stairs leading to the tower, there was a carved door frame in the stone wall of the tower, with two symbols craved on it – a chair and a sand clock.

The Council of Waterdeep
Third Session

Flamerule 11th
Halethan’s words have caused much controversy between Himo and Nemeya – the druid seems to agree that the effects on nature might be too great to predict, while Nemeya basically doesn’t care at all.
The option has risen that Himo might use his magic to make the existing crops grow faster and be more fruitful, but they couldn’t agree on terms.
Wellby has informed Nemeya that the lady Silverhand has requested you to arrive at your earliest convenience, as she would like to introduce you to an important delegate. You have also received an invitation to the third council of Waterdeep, to take place on Flamerule 30th, and to the celebrations of Midsummer.

Flamerule 29th
You arrived at Waterdeep a little prior to the council meeting to meet lady Silverhand ’s guest: Aethen Broadcloak, an apprentice Red Wizard. He was sent by the Red Wizards of Thay to invite you to Thay, for negotiations regarding the support of the Red Wizards in the fight against the Cult of the Dragon. He claimed the Red Wizards have followed their struggle closely, since the cult has joined forces with rebel Thayan wizards (which he refuses to call Red Wizards). For that reason the Red Wizards have been considering an alliance against the Cult of the Dragon. He has been supplied with a scroll of teleportation to take you to Thay and has promised safe passage there and back, but is waiting final clearance before he can take you there.

Flamerule 30th
The third council of Waterdeep has opened with important news. Maccath the Crimson and Metteo believe they have managed to interpret a part of Alaundo’s 9th Portent. They believe that the “Kingdom of Man” is, in fact, a name that should be taken literally – there was an ancient kingdom called the “Kingdom of Man” which resided no far from where Waterdeep is today, just northeast of Daggerford. If true, then the cult has been hiding the Draakhorn just under the council’s nose.
Since the council’s forces were still gathering after their battle against the orc horde, they requested that you handle this matter personally.

The next order of business was a letter sent to you by Iskander, a cult wizard who wishes to defect. He claims that the blue dragon mask is in Xonthal’s tower, and he is willing to give it to the characters if they come and rescue him.
Thouigh naturally suspicious of traps, the council has decided that an opportunity to get the mask is too valuable to waste, and that you should embark on a journey to Xonthal’s Tower to retrieve it.

Back at your inn, you have decided that you can go to retrieve the Draakhorn first, and then continue on your way to Xonthal’s tower from there.

Eleasis 3rd
You arrived at the ruins of Delimbiyran, former capital of the now forgotten Kingdom of Man. Scouting the outskirts of the overgrown city, you discovered patrols of Dragonborn in the streets. Himo used his magic to locate powerful creatures in the city and felt an ancient presence at the center. He turned himself into animal form and entered the city, avoiding enemy scouts, until he reached an old, gigantic oak tree at the center of the city. The tree is home to a lovely dryad, and her small grove is protected by an ancient, elderly unicorn. They revealed that the Cult of the Dragon have brought a dangerous item to the city, and that yesterday, another creature arrived from the spine of the world, an ancient and powerful being. They also claimed a green dragon is nesting at the observatory on top of the hill on the outskirts of the city.

After Himo’s return, you have decided to deal with the dragon first, to avoid the possibility that it will later join a fight against the Dragonborn.
You circled the city, hiding under the cliff side, and climbed to the observatory, where you found the ancient green dragon Chloracridara. She did not seem interested in the Dragonborn, claiming she hoped they were good for protection, but now that you are here, they have proven useless even in that. She kept changing her position to stand between you something she was clearly protecting, probably her eggs, and so you decided she was not a threat. She even provided you with vital information – the cult kept the Draakhorn in a large, open, stone pavilion not far from the observatory, and that the cult has called upon a mighty half red dragon, half empyrean down from the Spine of the World to blow the horn.

Using the same tactic as before, you climbed the cliffs and found the Draakhorn in the pavilion, surrounded by several magical rune circles. Himo summoned several animals to pass through the runes to determine their effect. Once they passed through the runes, you heard a great roar from elsewhere in the city, and you realized you triggered an alarm spell. With time being a factor, Eltan rushed through the rune circles, hoping – and managing – to avoid their deadly effects. Before you could actually retrieve the horn though, a great earthquake shook the city, toppling the pavilion around you, burying several of you under the ruble, with the others narrowly escaping.
A huge, silvery-red half-dragon landed not far from you, wielding a mighty maul. Battling the beast, you were nearly killed, but eventually managed to defeat him before the Dragonborn arrived, which made battling them much easier using the magic you had left.

When Giants Attack
The Second Crashing of Skyreach

Kythorn 21st
Himo left Soubar, transforming into a giant eagle and flying north to the Glimmerwood. All along the north he could see the devastating destruction left by the orc horde, the huge fires and mounds of dead.

Kythorn 24th
When he reached the Glimmerwood, he talked to the animals of the forest, who led him deep into the forest into a small druid grove centered around a large pond, colorful fireflies filling the air around it and a large willow tree on its bank. The water were crystal clear, reflecting the fireflies like tiny stars filling the pool.
Swimming in the center of the pond he found a beautiful, golden hair druid. As she started to swim ashore, the branches of the willow tree started snaking over the water, covering her skin as she left the water.
She introduced herself as Harellantahlessa, meaning A Strike of Wisdom’s Blade in Elven. He told her he was sent by Halethan Ty’athalae to recruit her to the Circle of the Moon and return her to the Pool of Sacred Moonlight, a sacred place for Selûne, managing to convince her to come with him.
After performing his druidic rituals at the Glimmerpool, Himo turned to a giant eagle again and flew her to the Pool of Sacred Moonlight.

Kythorn 27th
Himo and Harellantahlessa arrived at the Pool of Sacred Moonlight where Baelfire greeted them, but denied Himo entrance under Halethan’s orders. He called on the older druid, who allowed Himo to enter the pool to perform his sacred rituals.
In the mean time, Halethan talked to Harellantahlessa, walking around the grove.
As the Pool of Sacred Moonlight is in the Feywild, Himo’s several hours there turned into days.

Flamerule 2nd
While Himo was busy, you have returned to Skyreach, where you heard several important news:
The orc horde has finally been defeated and is in full retreat, with the combined armies of the Lords’ Alliance taking heavy casualties.
With the armies occupied elsewhere, the Cult of the Dragon resumed its attacks at full strength, laying waste to entire villages. The reports indicate that the cult covered their attacks with magical fog clouds to mask their numbers, smashing the villages with brute force, not even stealing treasure as they used to.
Miri Backmen of the Waterdhavian Gazette has published an article which accuses Stedd, identified as the Sheriff of Skyreach, of executing Two-Masts without a trial outside his jurisdiction, and blaming Nemeya for allowing her Sheriff to commit such acts. This again raised the idea that Backmen should be dealt with, though Auriak wondered where she got her information.
Wellby passed to you an invitation from lady Silverhand. She requested that you arrive at Waterdeep at your earliest convenience to meet one of her guests.

Flamerule 6th
As Nemeya was getting out of the bath and ccovering herself with her robe, Shaddar was waiting for her, lounging on the couch.
“You are a hard woman to corrupt, my love” was all he had time to say before Nemeya left the room and went to sleep in Arvini’s room.
He disappeared after that.

Flamerule 10th
A shout from the gate guards turned your attention to the gatehouse, where the huge gate was opened to allow in a bloodied rider. Sorgas, bloodied and looking as though half his body has been crushed, collapsed off his horse. As a cloud of fog started to come over Skyreach from the north-east, Sorgas informed you that a pack of giants has come to attack Skyreach.
The attack came from two sides – a pack led by a cloud giant attacking the wall on the north-east side, while a pack of ogres led by a fire giant attacked the front gate.

During the fight, Eltan saw something moving through the fog. Though he could not see what it was, he could clearly see the fog shaping itself around it. He used his magic to remove the protection, revealing a third, invisible group, led by a storm giant, who were flying to the upper courtyard, bypassing the castle’s defenses.
You ran to the upper courtyard to try and stop them, calling upon one of the metallic dragons that is patrolling the area under the terms negotiated by Nemeya at the council of metallic dragons.

In the meantime, Himo returned from the Feywild to find the castle under attack. He landed behind the giants’ forces in the north-east side and attacking their leader. Two frost giants came to the cloud giant’s aid, allowing it to escape towards the castle with its magic as Himo fought them off.

During the fight, the storm giant reactivated the castle’s flying capabilities using the spirit of a genie he brought with him.
In the courtyard, the dragon arrived just in time to intercept the cloud giant who was just about to join the fight.
As the castle began to rise, you destroyed the navigation tower – also known as Nemeya’s private quarters. The collapsing tower fell into the courtyard, nearly crushing you, and the storm giant managed to escape with his magic.

Skyreach crashed back to the ground, though this time the castle barely rose 10 ft. It’s new location is about 7 ft. north-west of where it used to be.

A few minutes after the castle crashed, while you were trying to organize the chaos, two giant birds landed in the middle of the courtyard, immediately turning to Halethan and Harellantahlessa. The druid came to make sure the castle’s second crash did not harm the nature around the castle, and to deliver a warning to the Baroness of Skyreach not to engage in her plan to build an agricultural system complete with dams, which he claims could irreversibly change the natural growth in the area.
Eltan warned him that this was not the best time to deal with such trivial matters, but the druid repeated his warning before leaving.

Darkness in the Shadows
The Traitor's Voice

Kythorn 18th
You traveled to the abandoned quarry north east of Soubar to find the abandoned quarry. The quarry was built in two level, the top level had an entrance to a mine within the cliff side.
As you started to ascend up the stairs, you were attacked by a group of Shadows, though they were unlike any you have faced before – some of them fired shadow bolts, some attached themselves to you, replacing your own shadow, which caused some of your blows to reflect back to you, while others seemed to be getting stronger when draining you of your own strength.

You managed to defeat them, and entered the mine. Eltan immediately noticed that a Dead Magic Zone existed within the cave, preventing you from using any magic.
Inside, you found a host of bodies littering the floor. The bodies cast no shadow, even when you held your torches directly over them.

You ventured deeper into the dungeon, battling more shadows as you went deeper in.
Eventually you found a group of shadow worshipers, led by a priest of Shar. The priest told you that the release of Tiamat would benefit his mistress greatly, and that the ashes from her fires will cover the world in eternal darkness.

A battle ensued, during which the priest, his followers and his shadows all attacked you from different sides. Eventually, after being drained of most of your strength, you managed to defeat them.
At the end of the cavern you found a large room which has been converted to a temple of Shar. A small metal orb was floating above a stone stand. The moment Tayas touched the orb, he was paralyzed and a whispering, terrifying voice echoed in your ears.
It claimed to know you, and that he has been watching you. He warned that you will soon be swallowed by darkness, and that The Queen will be released to once again roam the world. The shadow worshipers were pawns in his plan, they did not understand that they were being used, an easy prey for him.
As the voice subsided, the paralysis ended and the Dead Magic Zone disappeared.
Inside the orb, you found a purple Ion stone of Reserve.

In another part of the cave, you found a deep, bottomless pit of darkness – a gate to the Shadowfell from which the shadows emerged. It seemed to be closed when you arrived.

Kythorn 20th
As you returned to Soubar, Stedd found Jelenneth drinking at the inn. She invited him to join her, toasting their release from Two-Masts legacy and talking about what they both wanted to do now that their quest for vengeance has come to an end. Stedd claims to have no idea what he wanted to do, while Jelenneth said she might return to her beloved ship, take over the last of her late husband’s business and continue to sail the open sea. After hearing of her plan, Stedd suggested that he might want to join her, as he too missed the open waters and salty winds of the sea, but she encouraged him to, at least for now, stay with his friends at Skyreach, as he made commitments to them.

The End of Captain Two-Masts
Whispering Shadows

Kythorn 15th
Leaving the forest, you traveled to Soubar, where captain Two-Masks was scheduled to arrive.
Searching for him did not yield any results, which caused Stedd a great deal of frustration. He settled in a small tavern, where the local barkeep was happy to fill his glass while listening to his trouble, giving him worthless, two-copper advice.
Jelenneth eventually came and found him, joining him in his drinking, until she convinced him he should return to the inn and go to sleep.

On their way back, they heard the sounds of a fight coming from one of the alleyways. As they entered, they saw someone being beaten up by a group of thugs, who stole his money. Stedd killed one of the attackers, but the rest claimed the man they were beating owed them money, and now that they have it, they have no need of him, turning away and leaving Stedd and Jelenneth alone with the man.

Stedd helped him up, only to discover that he was captain Two-Masts himself, looking as though he has had better days – his cloths were in bad shape, torn and dirty, and he had the face of a man who doesn’t eat as much as he should.
After several punches, Stedd took him into custody, all the while Two-Masts was trying to buy his way out with information regarding something you could use against the Cult of the Dragon.

Kythorn 16th
Back at the inn, the rest of the party woke up and went down for breakfast only to find Stedd dragging in a helpless captain Two-Masts, followed by a grinning Jelenneth.
Two-Masts refused to reveal his information for anything other than his freedom. He claims that he made a deal with the group that attacked him to retrieve something for the cult, though he refused to say what it was. He only said that, should he provide you with it instead of them, it will strike a major blow to their plans. You have decided to let Stedd enact justice on him, then try to retrieve the information from his corpse using necrotic magic performed by Eltan.

Stedd took Two-Masts out of town, ignoring the man’s pleas for mercy. He tried to bargain with Jelenneth as well, but she laughed in his face. After many years, Stedd finally tied the noose around Two-Masts neck, hanging the man who has enslaved him so many years ago like a common criminal.

After Two-Masts passing, Eltan used his spells to talk to Two-Masts spirit, pretending to be a long lost friend. The dead captain told him of a place out side of town, a “mine which is not a mine,” where the Cult of the Dragon were conducting research for Tiamat’s return.

Asking around the village, you learned that there is an abandoned quarry not far from town, which is rumored to be haunted (though that rumor started only after it was abandoned for other reasons).

You have decided to set out to the quarry to learn what the Cult of the Dragon are hiding within.

Green Dragon Trouble
The lost son

Kythorn 2nd
On your way to deal with captain Two-Masts, you stopped at the Misty Forest to find out the truth about the Cult of the Dragon’s attacks.
You visited the location of the last attack and discovered the green dragon attacking the forest was seen with a rider on his back.

Kythorn 7th
Himo used his magic to track the dragon’s movements in the forest, leading you to a large cave hidden behind a waterfall. Inside you found ogres and cultists guarding what appeared to be a small dragon lair.
You cleverly used magic to get rid of the ogre who were guarding a group of elven prisoners from the cult’s raids, but decided not to reveal yourselves to them before you took care of the dragon. However, listening in on them, you learned that the dragon rider was in fact Neronvain, king Melandragh’s younger son, who was thought dead until now.

In a different section of the cave, you found the dragon cultists. They were suspicious, despite your regular cult disguises, and recognized you almost immediately, leading to a battle.
Neronvain heard the sounds of combat and came out to the cave’s main area, calling you out from the smaller chambers. He seemed to want to talk, but you decided to use the time to position yourselves more tactically, causing him to suspect your intentions, and a battle ensued. As you already took care of his guards, he decided not to fight to the death, instead escaping the cave, leaving a cloud of poisonous gas at the cave entrance to prevent you from following him (a cloud which also killed the ogre guards who were running back inside when they heard the fight, but he did not seem to care much about them).

Kythorn 9th
After Neronvain’s retreat, you released the prisoners and returned them to the city, requesting a meeting with king Melandragh. In the meeting, you decided to use the information of his son’s involvement with the Cult of the Dragon as leverage to convince him to apologize for the creation of the Dracorage Mythal, as the metallic dragons wanted. He agreed, but was furious and promised you that you will not get far by using such tactics with their allies.

The Misty Forest
Return of Captain Two-Masts

Meanwhile, in the Nether Mountains…
Nemeya has arrived at the council of the metallic dragons to represent the “young races.”
Her coming alone was insulting to some of the dragons, but they continued with their deliberations non the less.
During her two tendays with them, the council negotiated several demands of the younger races in exchange for their support:
1. An apology from the elves for their creation and deployment of the Dracorage Mythal.
2. A share of the hoard the cult stole for Tiamat.
3. The construction of a temple for Bahamut at the location where the victory against Tiamat will be scored, or a piece of land belonging to the dragons, in a central location along the coast if the construction of the temple proves impossible.
4. The dragon masks will be given to the dragons immediately after the battle is won.
5. The surrender of Severin to them for judgement.

Mirtul 28th
In Leilon, you have heard some troubling news published in the Waterdhavian Gazette – an orc horde has come down from the spine of the world, the largest seen yet, larger than that of Obould Many-Arrows! It seems that Thunderspell was partially correct – the dwarves of Mithral Hall did not send their people to fight the Cult of the Dragon. Instead, they sent their people north, to the small town of Snowater, in the hopes of delaying the horde and rescuing the peasants. The horde, however, seems to have gained the service of the demon Errtu, who came down from the Spine of the World with the orcs. The horde destroyed the large dwarven force, leaving the farmlands of the valley exposed to the horde’s advance.
The Lord’s Alliance have called on all of their forces to fight the orc horde, abandoning the fight against the cult’s raids.

You brought Stedd to the temple to heal him of his injuries, though the priests also ordered him to rest for several days before you leave.
While sleeping in the inn, he dreamed of a lullaby he once heard as a child on board captain Two-Masts’ ship. A woman was singing it to him through his cell door while he lay in the dark, tired and hurt from lashes.
As he woke, he saw Jelenneth sitting at the window, looking at the moon and singing that same lullaby, realizing it was she who sang it to him as a child.
She used a scroll of teleportation to reach him when she heard he was injured (after you reported your ventures to Wellby Tealeaf via magic). She also wanted to bring him the news herself – someone has finally brought a piece of information regarding her former husband and Stedd’s former master, captain Two-Masts, who is apparently traveling to a small village near Boareskyr Bridge for business and will be there in two tendays or so for an unknown period.

You’ve decided to use Jelenneth‘s scroll to return to Waterdeep, and from there to depart on a journey to the Misty Forest to investigate the Emerald Enclave’s claims.

Returning to Castle Naerytar
The Walking Dead

Mirtul 2nd
Nemeya went seeking Madam Zeema. After paying several urchins for information, she eventually found her wagon in the City of the Dead.
The seer congratulated her on discovering the fiend that haunted her, but claimed that in aborting her child she cheated fate, a crime for which many innocents will now pay dearly.
“The chained one that should have been freed is coming down like a rockslide from the spine of the world,” and now every choice will mean the death of many, probably referring to the demon Errtu which Nemeya was sent to meet in the Spine of the World after her previous encounter with the seer. She said that should Nemeya go to the “Home of the Dead,” Many of the “stout folk” will suffer. If she goes to the north, many “Peasants of summer” will suffer. If she tried to split her forces, neither will be powerful enough to defeat their foes, and they will all die.

She also told Nemeya that the silvered ones hold the answer to the one that lives in the shadows, and that if she wishes to birth children to her husband, she needs to first break her previous lover’s hold on her.

Mirtul 4th
After Tayas’ arrival from Skyreach, you were set to go off to the Marsh of Dead Men with a group of hirelings to help dismantle and move the telescope at Naerytar.

Mirtul 18th
The journey north was relatively uneventful. You’ve decided to park your caravan at the same roadside inn you have visited last time, though the cult owner has since changed.
Traveling into the swamp, you found it to be filled with undead – hordes of lizardfolk, Bullywugs and human zombies attracted to living flesh. To your horror, you have discovered that these zombies eat the flesh of the living. No living creature could be seen or heard. The swamp was completely silent except for the undead monstrosities.

Mirtul 20th
Pushing to castle Naerytar, you found its entrance swarming with zombies. Where the huge telescope once was now stands a huge metal ball, surrounded by lightnings and shooting lightning bolts into the courtyard beneath it.

You have decided to attempt to climb the wall from the north side of the castle, far from the zombie eyes, and succeeded climbing into one of the towers.
Inside the tower you found a magical laboratory, filled with strange liquid vials and scrolls.
Using illusions to evade the zombies, you managed to reach the central the central tower, several zombies on your tail.

Your entrance has awoken a huge, iron made construct. Stedd was severely injured during the fight, crushed under the construct’s feet and munched upon by zombies, awakening to find a zombie chewing his flesh.
A wizard in red capes joined in the fight from the upper floor, and Eltan came to fight him.

Eventually it took all you had to destroy the construct and its creator, and just narrowly escaped a rampaging horde of zombies which flooded the lower floor. Unable to leave, you ventured up into the tower’s top, where you found a room with metal coils wrapped along the walls, lightning shooting through them. Tayas cast a spell and conversed with his deity’s servants, learning how to destroy the metal orb. A few splashes of acid, and the orb came crushing down the side of the telescope’s dome, crashing in the courtyard.

With its destruction, the magic animating the zombies has lifted and those of them animated by magic have fallen to the ground, allowing you to leave the tower. Unfortunately, once the orb’s lightning ceased, you heard a dragon’s roar coming from the forest.
you ran down to the tunnels beneath the castle, hoping to use the teleportation circle to flee, but found it has been disabled.

Fearing the dragon in your weakened state, you have decided to stay in hiding. Once the dragon turned to leave, Himo changed his shape into a small sparrow and tried to follow him back to his layer, hoping you could return at a later time a kill him.
Flying above the trees, he was suddenly attacked by a second black dragon which jumped from the trees beneath him, swallowing him whole.

He turned back into his elven form and took the shape of a scorpion, just to be met with the dragon’s acid breath, which he could not avoid while trapped in the dragon’s mouth.
After several horrifying seconds, he managed to drop from the dragon’s mouth and escape into a nearby pond, changing his shape and hiding from the dragon.

Mirtul 21st
Hiding more than running, he eventually managed to crawl his way back to the castle. Traumatized, he refused to come back and face the dragons at a later time.

His injuries to grave to be healed by Tayas, you half carried Stedd out of the swamp, turning north to reach the nearest city – Leilon – hoping to find a cleric there that could heal him.

The Council of Waterdeep - Second Session
Missions abundant

Tarsakh 30th
The second session of the Council of Waterdeep has been scheduled for Tarsakh 30th, and the summon included an invitation for the festivities of Greengrass the following day.
Traveling to Waterdeep palace, Nemeya spotted Madam Zeema looking at her through the crowds, but she vanished in a heartbeat.

Himo arrived at Waterdeep palace with two panthers after returning from the Pool of Sacred Moonlight and attracted a lot of attention, with most people trying to avoid him.
The first order of business on the council’s desk was a demand from the giants to return Skyreach castle to them. They consider the characters as murderers, invaders and thieves and demanded the return of the castle. In exchange, they offered their support against the Cult of the Dragon.

Lady Silverhand and lord Neverember made it clear that, under Waterdhavian law, they are powerless to return the castle to the giants, as it is now the private property of the baroness of Skyreach. However, they also made it clear that should she choose to return the castle to the giants, the title and lands are not attached to it, and shall remain hers.
You refused the giants’ demands, and he stormed out with promises of retribution.
Next, the council heard Nemeya’s report on your previous missions. Lord Neverember in particular was most displeased by your deal with the Arcane Brotherhood, claiming that you handed Ten Towns, and with it the north, to the wizards, which will make things far more difficult for Neverwinter.
In addition, he claims that the man you sold Chateau Rollen to is in fact an agent of the Zhentarim, and that the Black Network now have a way back into the Sword Coast.
The rather heated discussion was ended finally with no real results, but it is clear that Neverember and several others disagree with your decisions.

The next order of business was a report by Delaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave regarding the situation in the Misty Forest. Several cult raids were conducted in that area, and a green dragon with a rider on his back was spotted several times. While the elves of the forest tightened their defenses and the attacks seem to have subsided within the forest, the dragon has not been dealt with and Delaan fears it will be used to attack locations outside of the forest.
King Melandrach dismissed those charges, claiming the situation in the forest is well in hand and that no backup is necessary, a claim for which you later praised him as the only nation that manages to successfully deal with the cult.

After the situation was explained, Taern “Thunderspell” Hornblade took the stand and accused the dwarves of Mithral Hall of avoiding sending troops to assist in the war efforts, despite the council’s decision in the previous session. Ambassador Brawnanvil was extremely insulted, claiming that every possible dwarf was sent from Mithral Hall to fight, and that the city was nearly empty of soldiers.

The next order of business was a message delivered by Lady Silverhand’s councilor, the lady Elia, from the council of metallic dragons, inviting you to represent the humanoid races of the coast during their council meetings. Elia said she would provide transportation for you to the council, which will take place in the Nether Mountains in the Silver Marches.
As you mentioned the prophecy of Alduin the Shadow Dragon, Elia became most upset and left the council chambers, and the council was dismissed.
Himo hurried after Elia, but he did not get much information out of her except a promise to explain when she picks them up at Skyreach.

Thunderspell and Delaan both requested a meeting with you.
The Emerald Enclave druid claims that, despite Melendrach’s promises to the council, the situation in the forest is far from being under control, and that the green dragon is a serious threat. He requested that you travel to the forest and deal with the dragon, or at least discover the location of the cult’s base within it.
Thunderspell claims that, despite Brawnanvil’s claims, there are very few Mithral Hall warriors on the field. He requested that you travel to the dwarven stronghold and see the situation for yourselves, then report back to the council.
If those three missions were not enough, you have decided that it was time to rid Faerun of the black dragon in the Marsh of Dead Men and claim Naerytar castle.

Mirtul 1st
After much deliberations, you have decided to send Nemeya to represent you at the council of metallic dragons, while the rest of the group travel with Tayas to the Marsh of Dead Men to deal with the dragon, leaving the Misty Forest and Mithral Hall for later.

New settlers

Attempting to surprise the priest and his allies, you charged out of the woods. Himo used his spells to turn the surviving warrior into a giant ape before turning into a giant eagle himself and taking flight with your prepared oil barrels. Before the ape could charged out of the wood, the priest used his spells to dispel Himo’s magic.

The battle was fierce and merciless. Himo dropped the oil barrel on the four handed gnoll and the tribesmen lit him on fire with burning arrows. The Elf – an Eladrin – teleported on top one of the stones, but was grabbed by Himo and dropped on to the muddy ground.

The priest and gimp were the first to fall. As he saw the priest die, the elf attempted to pretend he was being controlled by him, but Nemeya saw through his deception and executed him. Eventually the huge gnoll was defeated as well.

Using the priest’s mace, Sorgas smashed the stone at the center of the clearing, seeming to go into a fit of madness. As though alive, the stone gashed thick, black blood, and the wood seemed to pulse to its death. The trees started to wither, the brush started to dry out in front of your eyes. As the magical forest slowly disappeared, the remaining gnolls fled into the mountains in fear and panic.

On the priest you found his journal. It seems that they were once a group of adventurers. Somewhere in the north, they found an ancient grove belonging to the Uthgardt tribe of the Ram. Two thousand years ago, the tribe apparently worshiped Moander, god of rot, corruption and decay. As he lost worshippers and power, the tribe left him in favor of Uthgardt, and he became a dormant deity. In his grove, he reached out to the priest, convincing him to follow him. He led him to the buried masks and cauldron, and as time went by, the priest’s mind was rotted by the god’s influence. He turned his dwarf companion into a four handed gnoll and promised to restore him if he followed him. The gimp was also a former companion corrupted by the power of the dormant god.
With his new followers, Moander set out to seek his revenge and destroy the tribe of the Ram for abandoning him.

Fearing someone else could find the cauldron, you decided to bury it until you find a way to destroy it, as Nemeya feared to bring it into Skyreach.
As the tribe celebrated its freedom, the leaders of the tribe reached a deal with Nemeya. She would allow them safe passage to her lands. In return, they will serve as vassals of sorts. Those who wish to settle will join the refugees the tribe has gathered along the way and build new towns on the northern parts of the barony. Those who wish to continue Uthgard’s ways will live as a tribe in the hills east of Skyreach. But all will send their warriors to support the barony when the need arises. The tribe also requires strong men to join them, as they have many fresh widows, as long as they join the tribe and the women do not need to leave.

Tarsakh 7th
Auriak and Stedd ventured into the mountains around Chateau Rollen to search for more refugees fleeing the gnolls, and found several large gatherings, over one thousand souls total. You took them in with the rest of the refugees.

Tarsakh 10th
As you returned to Skyreach, you found the new construction will almost bankrupt your treasury, and so you have decided to sell Chateau Rollen. You published an add in the Waterdhavian Gazette, and received several offers. The two highest offers were from unsavory characters – a noble with a reputable name, and a former contact you’ve met before, a representative of the Zhentarim who told you where to find Auriak’s cursed sword.

Tarsakh 16th
After a short negotiation, you sold Chateau Rollen to the Zhents for 30,000gp and a promise to share information they gain from their spies within the Cult of the Dragon. You attempted to exchange the favor you owe him for the estate, but he would not even discuss it, saying the Zhents already know what they need of you, and that you will discover soon enough.
The money will be deposited in your account the following morning.

As the need to settle the refugees arose, you have planned to expand your eastern border, though still not nearing Firehammer hold and the lich within. Several of the refugees and tribesmen have decided to join Auriak‘s and Stedd’s fighting force.

As payment for services granted during her abortion, Nemeya decided to construct the temple for Eldath on the newly planned town on the barony’s eastern border, on the main road, where most of the new citizens will settle.

Tarsakh 19th
Scouting the east parts, the tribe came across two abandoned mines – a coal mine and an iron mine. The reason for their abandonment is unclear, but you hope they can be reopened. Auriak contacted his family and several of them decided to try and reopen the mines.

With the money from the Zhentarim, you invested in new supplied for your villagers – horses, beehives, sheep, looms and other equipment.

In Skyreach, Nemeya had to punish several soldiers and villagers. It seems a young woman was betrothed to a man, but instead ran to marry one of your soldiers. The affair was complicated, with the money given by the groom to be’s parents wasted by the bride’s parents, or something.


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